Angels on Earth


Have you seen and met the Angels on earth?

I have been blessed with a long and amazing journey of life. Often I think back and pray that in some way I have touched another’s life in a positive manner. I hope I made someone out there smile, brightening an otherwise cloudy day. Maybe I’ve said something, offered a helping hand, or showed a simple kindness that someone, somewhere, has never forgotten.

I pray that until I take my last breath, I will always remember, honor and repay the love the Angels, here on earth, have shown me.

Here are but a few:

A tiny four year old boy has arrived, with his mother and grandmother in tow, for his weekly hippotherapy session. In the midst of all the activity around me, I am immediately drawn to this little guy who is so very excited to be here. Gently he is placed on the back of his mount and, happily waving to his mother and grandmother, the session begins. With a therapist on either side of him and another leading, his mount takes him in many circles around the arena. The sun is shining brightly today, but it does not compare to the light this little boy is radiating. His eyes are sparkling, his entire body is beaming with joy and not just because he is on the back of a horse. He shines because he is alive, he is here to see the joy in all things great and small. He takes nothing for granted, everything is a wonder to this precious child. In him, I see God’s pure, amazing love shimmering brightly for all to see. All we have to do is open our eyes. This precious little boy has Downs Syndrome. I am so blessed to have met him.

At a restaurant with my sister, a woman is seated at the table beside us. I cannot take my eyes off of her. She smiles as she gives the waiter her drink order and her entire face lights up. Her waiter is in a foul mood today, but his ire fazes her not as he jots down her meal selection. Instead she smiles at him and when she does, her eyes are so gentle, so warm, so honest and sweet, that I visibly see the weight he carries begin to lighten. My sister is chatting and I catch very little of what she is saying. I do not like to stare, but I cannot stop watching this gentle and beautiful soul sitting right next to us. Our meal finished, we stood to leave, but I could not leave without speaking to the woman I had watched so intently. Stepping to her side I quietly apologized for my rude behavior and told her what it is about her that so captivated me. As we chatted, that angelic smile was directed at me and in that moment I felt an amazing love emanating towards me, from a total stranger. What a blessing to have had her seated right next us that day. Many would only notice, what physicians would describe as, a ‘morbidly obese’ woman sitting alone at a table. I’m sorry for them. Their blindness hides from them the beauty of this amazing woman.

This young man has opened my eyes like none other. He is a bright beacon in this storm we call life. He is rarely seen without a brilliant, fun-loving, contagious smile. His eyes sparkle with the joy of life. Every day is a new day to explore, cherish, appreciate and teach him something new. He finds delight and wonder in the smallest of things and his curiosity is endless. He is not concerned with what others may think of him. Peer pressure is non-existent. His love is genuine, pure and so very precious. At his mother’s side, I witnessed this beautiful boy enter this world. I have watched as this amazing child, and his equally amazing mother, grow in tremendous leaps and bounds. Their love, their incredible bond swells my heart to near bursting. This young man, whom was not expected to complete grade-school is now 14 years old, in high school with a 3.75 GPA. This courageous, determined, amazing boy has taught me so much about what truly matters in this adventure we call life. He is my grandson. He is Autistic, and he is beautiful.

She graced my life for the briefest of moments, but her beauty touched me profoundly. Indeed, she is one of the most dazzling women I have ever met. Her blue eyes sparkled with pure joy and her sweet smile was positively radiant. Her voice was magical, musical. Her laughter contagious. I could feel her absolute delight in everything and everyone around her, envelope me in an indescribable feeling of warmth. We spoke for a minute or two. Then she happily drove off on her motorized wheelchair, to help groom the horse she would then be lifted onto for her weekly P.A.T.H therapy session. She is 31 years old and, although she was born with various disabilities keeping her physically immobile, she is without a doubt one of the strongest, most independent, loving, honest and warm people I have ever had the honor of meeting. I hope I grow up to be like her one day.

God bless all of those Angels whom I have met and have yet to meet

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One Response to Angels on Earth

  1. mewhoami says:

    Beautiful and so well said. We have angels all around us. They come in many different forms. All we must do is keep our eyes open to see them, just as you have done.

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