A List – Summer Fun

barefoot in grass


Kicking off our shoes, running barefoot through the cool green grass as the warmth of late spring settled in.

Hours spent in the mesa catching horned toads and blue-tail lizards, placed gently in a shoe-box hoping to keep them as pets, knowing we would have to turn them loose in Mom’s garden.

Bike riding to the public pool to splash and cool off with friends.


ice cream truck

The distant, melodious sound of the ice-cream truck approaching. Dashing inside to shake enough pennies or nickels from our piggy banks to buy an ice-cream bar.


child on swing

Walking to our elementary school to enjoy the swings without interruption. Did you see how high I went??


water sprinkler play

Squealing in delight as we played in the cold water of the water sprinkler.

Hiding behind the screen door on my hands and knees, barking at neighbors as they walked by. I was the dog we didn’t have. I was weird. My bark was good, though.

Playing outside, until just before dark.

Camping out in the backyard. Telling ghost stories, sharing secrets, laughing hysterically,  all while the mosquitos happily dined. Their bites were bragging rites.


mountain cabin

Summer vacations spent in ‘my’ beautiful mountains. At my grandparents home on Cheyenne Mountain, a cabin in the woods or a tent – I was in heaven.

Later, as the summer days waned and fall approached, the feeling of fallen/un-canned apricots squishing between our toes as we dashed through the yard under the apricot tree. Okay, that was gross, but there as worse things to step in barefoot.

I love the memory of those childhood summers. They were the best. Even the apricots.


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11 Responses to A List – Summer Fun

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  2. mewhoami says:

    That is what childhood is all about! I love that everything you mentioned was outdoors. It all sounds so wonderful! To this day, I love the sound of the ice cream truck and squeal with excitement just as I did as a child. I don’t buy the ice cream though, for fear that around here they may be selling more than just ice cream. I do live in the Mile ‘High’ state after all. 🙂

    • pardenme says:

      As kids we lived to play outside. The only thing keeping us in the house on a beautiful day (shoot, even rain was fun. Then we had sidewalk gutters full of water to splash in) was sickness or the dreaded “You’re grounded!” Yep, be careful what you buy. The Mile High city has taken on a whole new meaning these past few years.

  3. Karuna says:

    I wish all of our children today were having those kinds of experiences instead of being on a computer, watching t.v. or texting!

    • pardenme says:

      I agree. Send them outside now and they have no clue what to do out there. So sad.

      • Karuna says:

        I was at a church a few years ago where the minister was giving a sermon to the children talking about the fact that there is green stuff outside on the ground and it is called grass. He said it is so nice to play on and they should try it out. He went on and on and it was so funny, but at the same time the truth behind it was sad.

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