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Crazy old bat behind the wheel

Nowadays it’s just me and my dogs. While adorable, my girls are not the best conversationalists. They are patient listeners though, and have yet to break into a chorus of howls. But, some days I really miss human interaction. So, while perusing our city’s highways and … Continue reading

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Hot Yoga Anyone?

I am not an exercise buff. I admit that freely. And, I have worked too many years to get my body in the shape it is to ruin it now. These sags and bags are mine. Why mess with perfection? … Continue reading

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Bah Humbugging It

After much discussion, ‘the girls’ and I have decided we’re just not in the mood. So: No ornaments stuck on a tree No indoor facility   I don’t see the point Of dressing up the joint When it’s just the dogs and me MERRY CHRISTMAS … Continue reading

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Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

A big thank you to ZNJAVID – A Mom’s Blog for nominating me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! If you haven’t already, I urge you to visit her blog. What a warm and inspirational writer she is! The rules forwarded to … Continue reading

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I Saw A Man Today

    I saw a man today. I forgot how to breathe. He had your nose. He wore your glasses. He had your salt-and-pepper mustache and beard. He swallowed soda from a bottle and it was your swallow. I saw a man today. He … Continue reading

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What If – One Christmas

    Aewl’s Abode recently asked the question, what if you could relive one day in your life. I’ve thought of little else since then. With so many days to choose from, how do I pick just one? This morning, as … Continue reading

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Just Old Fashioned

From time to time I will post something here that may offend some of you. For that I deeply apologize, as this is not my intention. I’m simply speaking my mind. Okay, the more I say ‘speaking my mind’, the more stupid … Continue reading

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