Panhandling No No’s

panhandling 6

Watching a panhandler the other day at a busy rush-hour intersection, I saw him do some of the No No’s listed below. Seriously, the guy was certainly keeping himself occupied. Needless to say, I saw no donations handed out as most in front of me tried very hard to ignore this person.

I’m not trying to be mean, heartless or cruel in here. Goodness knows I’ve given money, gone to the bank when I had no cash and doubled back, or bought meals or groceries for those less fortunate. No matter what our lot in life, we are all brothers and sisters. We are all special in our own way. But, every now and then we come across those who need to be reminded that there are…

      Ten things to avoid when panhandling on a busy street corner:

(Or anywhere else in public)

Do not plug one nostril and blow snot into the wind in a busy rush-hour intersection – the only ‘donation’ you receive may be a tissue

Do not imbed your finger two knuckles deep up said nostrilagain the tissue, at best

Do not pull hairs from said nostrilin other words, do not allow any hand/finger to nose contact whatsoever

Do not engage in conversation with yourselfthough we all may do this from time to time, seeing others talking to themselves is just creepy

Never present a challenge to potential donatorsthey are, after all, driving a vehicle

panhandling 7

Do not aggressively scratch your headno comment necessary

Do not twist a finger in your ear, look at it and flickagain, no comment needed

Do not wear your Nike Air Max tenny’s  some of us may ask YOU for a handout

Only accept cashhanding you a worthless $1000 check is (sadly), for some people, extremely funny

panhandling 4

Above all, be honest as to your reason for panhandling

panhandling 5

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4 Responses to Panhandling No No’s

  1. mewhoami says:

    These are all great. I especially like the one about presenting a challenge to drivers. After the challenge, they may need much more than a couple of bucks.

  2. CJ says:

    Oh my goodness. Glad to see you are back! Very comical read! Well done! Keep them coming.

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