You love her? Show her.



I have been an observer and a listener all of my life. What I have seen many, many men do – either from a distance or sometimes personally – or heard from their wives, leaves me bumfuzzled. Who taught you this stuff?

Men, I’m going to vent about you for a few minutes. So, read on and learn something, or go back to whatever sport is on TV. Tis up to you.

When women were children, most of them dreamed of the day they would marry their one true love. They imagined their wedding, a loving husband, how many children they would have and the perfect home in which to raise that family. They could see all it so clearly and it was beautiful. What did you men dream of as young boys? Oh wait, dumb question. What did you want in life? Well now, that was another stupid question wasn’t it?

Some years later, her dream finally came true. She was swept off her feet and into love by a very special man. He gave her flowers, took her to dinners, movies, dancing. He listened to her, laughed with her and wiped her tears when she wept, said “I love you.” When he asked her to marry him, she gleefully said “Yes!” Oh, what a wonderful life they would share. Not just as man and wife, but as partners. She could not wait to marry him and begin this new life!

They said, “I do”, and enjoyed a romantic honeymoon. Then she woke up to reality. The flowers stopped. Dinner and a movie, dancing, it all ceased. Men are drawn to the excitement of the hunt. It invigorates them, gets their blood flowing, stimulates them (most everything does that). But, once the prey has been caught, pfffftttt. He does love her, only now that she’s his he can relax and be himself again.

Woman, meet your husband. This man who thinks you enjoy his prowess at loudly passing gas. Who has no problem plugging a nostril and blowing phlegm on the ground – in public no less. Who see’s nothing wrong with sneezing or coughing and not covering his mouth – Oh it’s okay, the dog will clean it up? Who, in public places, re-arranges his crotch every single time he walks out of the mens room, but never at home. What is that all about? The women are not impressed. Can’t speak for the other men watching you, though. Who has forgotten how to chew with his mouth closed and can no longer aim straight in the bathroom.

As time passes, husband’s might notice some of those wives have begun sleeping as far to their side of the bed as possible. Another inch and she would fall on the floor. “Why?” you ask? First, take a moment to re-read the previous paragraph. Finished? Okay, lets move on…

You say, “I love you.”  She wishes you would show her your love. No, I don’t mean in the bedroom. Again, re-read the previous paragraph. Show her you love her in ways that say more to her than those three words ever could. Take the trash out without being reminded. She cooked dinner for the family, you do the dishes (don’t offer, just do them) and let her relax. Or… maybe You could cook from time to time. Gosh, what a novel idea! So you worked all day. Well guess what, so did she. Take a moment to clean up your mess in the restroom. Help fold and put away the laundry. Put trash in the can rather than leaving it for her to pick up. The baby’s diaper is full, go change it. Whoever taught you men that taking care of babies is a woman’s job should be hog-tied and dipped in hot oil. Be a father for goodness sake!! And this may be difficult for most of you, but try giving her a real hug, kiss her gently, snuggle on the couch and be content with just that. Ask nothing else of her, expect nothing else. Simply enjoy being with her. If you try these things and so many more, you may find the distance between you growing shorter.

Prove to her you love her and you will find that the catch is so much sweeter than the hunt ever was.








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6 Responses to You love her? Show her.

  1. mewhoami says:

    There is so much truth here. Excellent post and comical too!

  2. My my…I sense some resentment! But you make a good point, one that I can relate to. I hope that man in your life will take this to heart. After 8 years of marriage I’m starting to sort the important battles from the unimportant ones…and sometimes he most listens when I stop my own mouth. But oh so hard to do! It’s good to be able to vent somewhere!

    • pardenme says:

      Thank you so very much for reading and commenting to my very first blog. Actually, while my husband may be guilty of some of these things, he is by no means guilty of all. Our 22 years of marriage have been pretty amazing. You are so correct in saying we must sort the important from the unimportant. We could not have survived this long otherwise. I’m just flaggergasted by the things so many men do and thought, as you said, why not vent it here? Again, thank you very much!

  3. mewhoami says:

    When I read the following post, I thought it was a good fit with yours.
    I have many blogger favorites who I follow and this is one of them – crankycaregiver.

  4. mewhoami says:

    Hello, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! I appreciate your writing and since I was nominated, I felt it only right to nominate my favorite bloggers as well. This award involves a somewhat lengthy process, so please don’t feel obligated to participate. But, if you’d like to, please do! You deserve it! Either way, just know that I appreciate your writing. For more information you can go here:

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